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Why I decided to use WordPress to build all my websites

The world’s most popular CMS, used by Sony Music, Microsoft News, The Walt Disney Company, and more.

As a web developer and digital marketer, I’ve been developing websites since 2016. I can create almost any kind of custom online content (and website) I want with this accumulated experience. Yet, when it comes to real-world business applications, I choose WordPress nearly every time because it makes the most sense in almost every circumstance.

Expanding my scope of services and capabilities with Dapper Digital has not changed the way I operate. When it comes to websites, I still am an avid fan of WordPress.

Let me try to break down to you why we use WordPress and why – if you’re serious about getting an amazing website – you should too!

What exactly is WordPress?

First, you have to understand what WordPress is. 

WordPress is a content management system (CMS). A website can be built from the ground up using a CMS. For most users and web developers, a good CMS is an easy-to-use tool for building and managing websites. With WordPress, you can create blogs, business websites, personal websites, and even eCommerce stores.

Do note that WordPress does not host your website. You still need to find a web hosting service for that. Dapper uses SiteGround for all clients’ sites. We’ll write an article about that in the future. Or if you have questions about hosting, just shoot us a message!

The problem with paid CMS platforms

There are a number of CMS platforms to choose from. Apart from WordPress, you also have other CMS platforms like Wix, Squarespace and Shopify. Using these, setting up your online store is quick and easy. You can launch it in just a few clicks and with minimal cost. They also do the job of presenting an excellent-looking shop with minimum hassle.

The problem with other CMSs are that they often lack functionality. In order to compensate, you can’t use code editing. Access to code here is restricted and while this isn’t a big issue for beginners, it does make life difficult when you encounter something simple and straightforward that necessitates some tweaking.

Another issue with paid platforms is that you may be confined to them. There are many different types of subscriptions to pay for on these platforms, and some more content-driven features that can benefit your business are locked behind higher monthly fees. 

Ultimately, you don’t own the platform you’re using which makes it at the mercy of the company. If you violate their terms of service without knowing it, your website can be taken down.

Why we love WordPress

1. It’s flexible

There’s no limit to how detailed and complex WordPress can be depending on your needs. You can publish blog posts using the basic version of the platform. It can also be used for business websites with widgets and plugins that add more functionality. As a web designer, this presents me with limitless possibilities to meet clients’ needs.

The flexibility of WordPress also applies to the type of people who use it. No, I’m not talking about myself here. I’m referring to you (the client!) and your level of technical experience. Anyone can use WordPress. From newbies to developers, there’s a place for everyone on WordPress. Not only is it easy to teach, but it’s also incredibly easy and affordable to find courses and training to help you manage your site like a pro.

2. It’s wildly popular

WordPress is such a dominant force in the CMS world, powering 30% of websites on the internet, and given its popularity and power, it’s likely to continue to be a go-to solution. Joomla operates as the second most popular CMS, powering 5% of websites – however, it will likely lag behind WordPress for quite some time.

This means just about every software provider integrates with WordPress directly. After all, they don’t want their services to be unavailable to the majority of websites out there. Furthermore, you can easily and affordably find courses, training, and professionals to assist you with your website.

As your business grows, so does your website. You will eventually need help scaling it up or managing it. Dapper can manage your website when it comes to growth, content, SEO, visuals, and more. You’ll also find plenty of WordPress-acquainted professionals always ready to help, including social media strategists and admin assistants.

You can see why WordPress is the perfect platform for building your online empire.

One of the disadvantages of such an open and accessible platform with such low barriers to entry is that it is easy to hire someone cheap to do shoddy work that then needs to be fixed later. These sorts of situations have been reported to us quite a bit and they’re not pretty. 

Check out our web design services or maintenance services for a worry-free experience.

3. It’s super fast

Web sites that take a while to load are useless. It’s a big turnoff for users. And, it’s hated by Google (which means it’s bad for SEO).

As a result, WordPress has specific features and elements you can use to speed up your site.

A lightweight theme won’t weigh down your code, for instance. An image compression plugin might help reduce the size of your images. The CSS and JS files are minified as well as compressed using Gzip compression. 

Using tools like the examples I just gave, we can dramatically improve the speed of your website. Your WordPress site will eventually experience a reduction in bounce rates, an improvement in user experience, and an increase in conversions. Great for business? You betcha.

4. It’s easy to create new content

Everybody can create fresh content on WordPress. Just a few clicks and you’re done.

After your site goes live, you’ll find a “posts” section on your dashboard menu. In this section, you can find all the information you need in order to create and publish a new blog post. You can find text editors, formatting tools, and ways to upload videos here.

It takes no time at all to create content using WordPress, and you’ll learn how to do it quickly. 

When you publish your content, you won’t have to go through extra hoops to edit it in the future. Just use the visual editor to make any changes or updates to the post. When you’ve finished your changes, just click the “save” button and your new content will be live instantly. It’s so simple that even my pre-school nephew could do it! 

Some final words…

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform available.

Obviously, that’s not an accident, and I think you’ve learned that from this article. WordPress is an excellent platform for any type of website; it doesn’t matter whether you are a budding startup, a solo entrepreneur or a huge group of companies. WordPress is the only content management system I would recommend. 

If you decide to go with our web development services, you’ll be getting the best of WordPress combined with our distinctive creative style and tremendous business functionality. Let’s get to work!


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